Thursday, October 26, 2017

Storms May Come and Go, but Miami Will Endure!

(Safety measures against tropical storms)

This past month has been really hard for Floridians, but not everything is bad news, Irma has shown our community important values about unity, hope and humility towards nature. Storms as big as this one are relentless, but there are some safety measures we can take to make our homes a little bit stronger against them, and since it’s never too late to take precautions for future events, here are some tips. One of the main attractions Miami has to offer is the amazing tropical weather. Of course, this sounds ironic whenever the hurricane season arrives, but for this couple of months, there are a few things we can do to reinforce the safety of our home against storms.

First, a “safety 101 guide” for the next time a storm hits our shores:

-Prepare your home (house or apartment) with shutter windows and doors that can take some punishment.
-Be aware of all evacuation routes, especially if you live close to the coast.
-Be prepared with proper tools, enough supplies, and a good first-aid kit.
-Get plenty of non-perishable foods and water.
-Flashlights, lanterns and batteries are essential.

During the storm
-Stay away from windows, even if they are well secured against the wind.
-Never use candles.
-Stay in a safe room with no windows (or covered windows) until the storm passes. Monitor the weather and Civil Services Bulletins on the radio.
-Have your supplies in hand.

Now, how to prepare your home? There are plenty of technologies available to make your home stronger against hurricanes and storms, but they are usually quite expensive. Still, there are a few things that could be within your budget and that will help:

-Protect your windows and doors. Shuttering your windows is essential, but if you don’t like how the shutters look on your home’s facade, you can get removable ones. Make sure that your doors are resistant enough so they can take the hard wind.

-Protect your garage door. This is one of the most vulnerable spots in a house, but it can be reinforced with some work. There are companies qualified to assess your home and help you make it safer against storms.
-Let the water flow. Make sure that your roof and entrances have an adequate draining system. Keep your gutters and downspouts clean.

-Give maintenance to your landscape. Remove dead branches and anything that could blow away after breaking from a tree to prevent any damage to your and other people’s homes.

-Invest in a power generator. During a storm, electricity will likely be the first thing that’s going to fail. To get some light in your house, keep the refrigerator on and your phones charged. A power generator running on fuel can do wonders.

Now that the worst has happened, almost all activities are going back to normal. Hotels didn’t suffer much this season, and they are hosting visitors again, the airport is 100% functional, most restaurants and attractions are now open and working normally, and Miami’s port is already receiving cruises, cargo ships and private ships. Miami remains strong and another hurricane season (the worst in history) has passed. Now we can go back to being the financial center of this south-east corner of America.

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