Monday, October 29, 2018

What can you find in the FIU Natural Preserve?

Source: Gogreen.ed

Although The Florida International University Nature Preserve has been open to the public for a long time, most of the people who live in Dade County do not know about the existence, or at least do not take enough advantage of this beautiful place.

With different habitats, path after path, you forget civilization. This beautiful place immerses you in the nature of Miami.

As we mentioned before, you can find a lot of diversity. In the FIU Nature Preserve you can find Pine Rocklands, Tropical Hardwood Hammocks, Freshwater Wetlands and Organic Gardens.

Source: Gogreen.ed

There is a volunteer program for university students who give their time each year to take care of the reserve.

If you live in the area, what do you expect from spending time in this natural paradise that Miami offers?

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

What Everybody Ought to Know about Living Alone

Living in Miami is an incredible adventure. Doral gives you diverse opportunities to grow in many ways; however, the question is, living alone or with roommates?

Both options are beneficial. The important thing is to know what you are looking for when you decide to invest in a property for the first time. Are you willing to share spaces or are you willing to take the risk of living alone?

The debate is open. A lot of people are torn between living one way or another. No matter how much time passes, eventually, living alone will be a necessity. When the moment arrives, you must make smart decisions.

That's why we have prepared for you a short list of things you should know before investing on your own in Doral.

1) What type of property do you need?
It is essential to know what type of property is best for you. Think further. Visualize yourself in the future, your family, and your comfort. Apartment or house?

2) You have to know the property

You cannot buy a property without seeing it. Make sure it is what you expect and that it is worth what you're paying.

 3) The documentation must be in order

The property deeds are your most significant certainty, they make you the legal owner. Check that everything is fine.

Take care of your investment, we are here for you.
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