Friday, September 28, 2012

Doral Offers Several Extracurricular Activities for School Age Children

Doral is not only a great place to live for adults, but a great place to raise children. Its schools are top notch (some of the highest rates schools in the state), along with the safe neighborhoods, and high standard of living. For these reasons, many families have been drawn to the Doral area. Jobs are plentiful and Doral real estate is very affordable. All of these factors combine to create a stable and thriving community. One of the things that makes Doral a great place for families with school age children is the variety of extracurricular activities available.

Doral Schools Extracurricular Activities

Doral prides itself on the quality of life for its residents, and the high standard is also hold for its children. Many of the schools offer several extracurricular activities for the enrichment of the children’s lives and education. This means Doral school children not only receive an excellent education, but have a well-rounded experience through activities which build their character, develop leadership skills, and nurture their natural talents.

In a recent interview in the Doral Family Journal Ms. Georgina Pratt, founder of Shelton Academy, explains her views on extracurricular activities, “Educating children is not only completing an academic curriculum but preparing them in every way possible to be healthy and ready to succeed on whatever challenge they have to face in life.” Shelton Academy After School Program offers children activities such as karate, music, art, performing arts, sports, gymnastics, and many more programs. These programs are offered to the students of the academy and students in the Doral community.

Dr. Rolando Espinosa K-8 Center has a highly rated extracurricular program. Activities include band, orchestra, chorus, art, theatre, Spanish classes, basketball, cheerleading, martial arts, and yoga. The Divine Savior Lutheran Academy also has an excellent extracurricular program which includes chorus, dance, art, theatre, Spanish and Mandarin lessons, volleyball, basketball, golf, martial arts and many more programs. Doral Charter Academy High School offers its students activities which include soccer, swimming, golf, and honor society. Almost all Doral schools offer extracurricular activities for their students and students in the surrounding area.

Participation in extracurricular activities helps students to become well rounded individuals, discover and nurture their natural talents, as well as give them something fun to do after school. Studies have shown the importance of extracurricular activities in correlation with student grades. Colleges and universities put a high emphasis on extracurricular activities when considering students for admission. Doral’s emphasis on healthy living not only includes the adult population, but also school age children. This is just another reason Doral is one of the fastest growing communities in Southeast Florida. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Enclave at Doral – Doral’s Most Affordable Real Estate

Doral is a fast growing community in the Miami/Dade area. The Doral real estate market offers price points for almost everyone. Homebuyers have their choice of single family homes, condos, and multi-family buildings to call home. Doral also has several upscale gated communities which offer residents privacy, safety and many amenities. The most affordable real estate in Doral is gated community of The Enclave. Built in 1998, The Enclave is located in central Doral off of NW 107th Avenue. The condo units start at $120,000 and The Enclave offers residents the amenities of a much more expensive development. 

Some of the amenities residents can enjoy at The Enclave at Doral include a spacious clubhouse, a pool, tennis courts, air conditioned racquet ball court, a fitness room, a tot play center, spa/hot tub, and all of the buildings are lake side. There is also a spectacular fountain in the central lake. Residents can enjoy the beautiful Florida climate on lakeside walkway and jogging trail. There are 13 two and three story buildings, seven models to choose from, and a total of 258 condo units. 

enclave at doral map

Recent listings in The Enclave include a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom unit listed for $276,000. Another 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom listed for $200,000. One bedroom, one bath condo units at The Enclave have sold for as little as $94,000. All condos have central air conditioning, an alarm system, a private patio/balcony, washer and dryer, and a fully equipped kitchen. The kitchen includes an electric range, refrigerator, dishwasher, and a stainless steel double bowl sink. 

enclave at doral condos

The Florida Turnpike, and the Dolphin and Palmetto Expressways are only minutes away making The Enclave an easy commute to and from Miami. Only two miles away are both the Dolphin Mall and International Mall. Several golf courses are just a short trip from The Enclave offering residents world class golfing. Courses include the world famous Doral Golf Resort and Spa and Costa del Sol Golf Course. The Doral Golf Resort and Spa was recently purchased by Donald Trump and has been completely renovated and updated.

enclave at doral pool

Doral has been listed by Forbes Magazine as one of the top 100 best places to live. Its schools are rated above the state average, and the job market if plentiful. Doral has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state of Florida. The City Council recently voted once again not to raise the city taxes. Since its incorporation in 2003, Doral has never raised the city taxes.  Homebuyers who are looking for luxury living at an affordable price need to look no further than The Enclave at Doral. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Chinese Drywall is Still a Concern for Doral Homebuyers

Drywall has been used in the construction and remodeling of homes for several years. It is constructed of a layer of gypsum between two layers of pressed paper. It is then dried in a kiln and used as an interior construction material. Chinese drywall was used in homes during 2002 to 2007 during the building boom and rebuilding of homes damaged by hurricanes in several southeastern states. More than 550 million pounds of Chinese drywall were imported into the United States during this time. After the drywall was installed into homes, residents began to complain of a foul sulfur smell and reported experiencing respiratory and other help problems. Some homeowners claim the Chinese drywall caused the copper wiring and copper parts of their appliances to corrode. 

corrosion chinese drywall

Much of the drywall imported from China came from the Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin Company, Limited. United States Senator Bill Nelson of Florida sent a letter to the EPA and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) urging them to study the toxicity of Chinese drywall used in homes. Senator Mary Landrieu and Senator Nelson introduced a bill and resolution in March 2009 encouraging the CPSC to ban and recall Chinese drywall. In November 2009 41 homes in five states in which the residents complained about the effects of Chinese drywall, and 10 control homes were studied for indoor air quality. It was found there was a “strong association” between the levels of hydrogen sulfide gas, imported drywall, and metal corrosion in the homes that had complaints. 

Lab comparisons showed higher levels of pyrite in Chines drywall compared to American manufactured drywall. It is believed pyrite oxidation may be the cause of the sulfur compounds being released into the air. The humid climate in the southeast adds to the oxidation and formation of Thiobacillus ferrooxidans. The Thiobacillus ferrooxidans are an iron and sulfur reducing bacterium and thought to be the cause of the respiratory and health problems some homeowners report experiencing. According to a recent article on, the Chinese drywall must be completely removed and replaced causing substantial cost to the homeowner. 

In an effort to protect consumers, the Florida Department of Health has come up with a self-assessment tool to determine if Chinese drywall is present in a home. This is a valuable tool for buyers to use to see if the home they are planning to buy may contain the tainted drywall. The most common symptom is a black corrosion on copper wires, pipes, and heater or refrigerator coils. Normal corrosion is a green/blue color, but the sulfur emissions from the Chinese drywall cause it to turn black. There are three criteria a home must meet to be suspected of containing Chinese drywall. These include the age of the home, blackened corrosion of air conditioning evaporator coils or repeated air conditioner evaporator coil failure, and observed metal corrosion. 

When you are looking for a home in the Doral area which was built between 2002 and 2007, be sure to have your home inspector look for sulfur corrosion. There have been many reported cases of chinese drywall in Promenade and Islands at Doral. The damp Florida weather is thought to promote the release of the sulfur compounds, and the only way to fix the problem is to completely replace the affected drywall. This can run into thousands of dollars and if not replaced, your family may face serious health problems.  

Thursday, September 20, 2012



Brand new pre construction project in COCONUT GROVE. Located on the what was the ONLY 5 Star hotel site in Miami - The Grand Bay Hotel situated on the distinguished South Bayshore Drive, with over 1.2 hectares and 100 meters of frontage overlooking Biscayne Bay our towers dance and twist in a motion to allow the views to be from Biscayne Bay to the east, Downtown Miami to the North and Coral Gables to the South. Enlisting the services of Bjarke Ingels of BIG to design the towers, has given this property the provenance that it deserves. Bjarke is the 2011 Wall Street Journal Innovator of the Year award winner.

The residences are special and we are all about numbers - 
12 foot high ceilings (3.7 meters high)
12 foot deep terraces (3.7 meters deep)
12 foot high by 4 foot wide panes of glass (3.7 meters by 1.2 meters)
25 meter lap pool with a second 25 meter swimming and lounging pool
300 feet tall tower - (92 meters high)
3+ acre site (1.2 hectares)
Average size home - 3,750 sq ft (348 M2)

The services for our home owners are including - Butler Services, Onsite chef, Spa and treatment rooms, Club Room, Dining area, for residences that are purchased over 4,000sq ft the owner will have a 2 car climate controlled garage within in the main garage (with privacy for their personal cars with either the ability to self or valet park) all other residences come with 2 car spaces within the garage facility. Additionally our garages create our terraces that over look Biscayne Bay and are only 2 levels.

The residences will be finished in a "Decorator ready" state where our kitchen and bathroom cabinetry purveyor is Snaidero, and the appliances will be the Miele Collection, The stone flooring in the bathrooms will be delivered by the developer and that is being finalized by BIG.

This will be the only sustainable residential tower in South Florida - meaning we are a "Green" building and will attain Silver LEED Certification. Raymond Jungles and Bjarke Ingels will be working in collaboration on the landscape architecture for the property. BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) will be coordinating all the interiors of the tower as our Interior Architects as well as the outside building architects. 

As you can see, I can continue to write many more items about the property, so please feel free to contact me with questions about the residences that we have for sale. Our North Tower which has 58 residences has been reserved with 35 sales so far, and that is since our launch on March 23. We have a nice cross section of residences still for sale on all different levels low, middle and high elevations and of all our floor plans.

Doral Real Estate Market Update August 2012

In the following table you can see all closings in the Doral area for the month of August 2012. There were a total of 69 closings. The main statistics are:

  • Average price per square foot: $159
  • Lowest price per square foot: $84 - Costa Del Sol
  • Highest price per square foot: $299 - Doral Isles Caribbean

doral isles catalina

Address Community Bed/Bath Living Area Days on Market List Price Sale Price Price per sq ft
4520 NW 107 AV # 207-10 ENCLAVE AT DORAL 1/1 743 9 $115,000 $117,000 $157
4627 NW 97 PL # 146 THE GREENS AT DORAL 2/2 1105 152 $120,000 $115,000 $104
842 MERIDIAN AV # 1C The Patricia 1/1 440 3 $122,000 $122,000 $277
4010 ESTEPONA AV # 3-D-5 COSTA DEL SOL 2/2 1600 78 $135,000 $134,000 $84
7350 NW 114 AV # 107 Palm Gardens 1/1.5 650 150 $139,500 $132,000 $203
7350 NW 114 AV # 101 PALM GARDENS 2/2 870 14 $142,500 $151,100 $174
10010 NW 44 TE # 202 VALENCIA AT DORAL 2/2 1015 16 $149,900 $165,000 $163
6340 NW 114 AV # 105 THE COURTS AT DORAL 3/2 1271 27 $150,000 $150,000 $118
5255 NW 112 AV # 101 VERANDA AT DORAL 3/2.5 1620 671 $160,000 $150,000 $93
7290 NW 114 AV # 306-7 PALM GARDENS 2/2 910 11 $165,000 $160,000 $176
5300 NW 87 AV # 611 THE BLUE AT DORAL 0/1 705 33 $169,900 $158,000 $224
5707 NW 114 CT # 104 LAS BRISAS AT DORAL 2/2.5 1170 63 $172,900 $170,900 $146
4460 NW 107 AV # 308-8 The Enclave 2/2 994 8 $175,000 $150,000 $151
4320 NW 107 AV # 102-1 ENCLAVE AT DORAL 2/2 994 245 $178,000 $163,000 $164
11101 NW 83 ST # 210 PROMENADE 3/2.5 1385 25 $179,000 $160,000 $116
9701 Costa Del Sol Blvd # A-99 Costa Del Sol 3/2.5 1524   $179,000 $201,000 $132
10730 NW 66 ST # 112 CAPTIVA DORAL ISLES 2/2 1700 11 $180,000 $195,000 $115
10760 NW 82 TE # 9-7 LEEWARD AT ISLANDS 3/3 1462 14 $180,000 $180,000 $123
5420 NW 107 AV # 301 COSTA LINDA 3/3 1460 83 $181,900 $189,500 $130
11103 NW 83 ST # 104 PROMENADE SHORES 3/2 1312 32 $185,000 $145,000 $111
4736 NW 114 AV # 204 VILLA DORAL CONDO 3/2 1120 11 $190,000 $175,000 $156
10803 NW 83 ST # 3-1 LEEWARD AT ISLANDS 3/2.5 1589 14 $195,000 $180,000 $113
6142 NW 115 PL # 316 THE GATES 2/2 980 7 $195,500 $190,000 $194
3717 ESTEPONA AV # 18D1 COSTAL DEL SOL 2/2.5 1870 13 $199,000 $215,000 $115
11201 NW 83 ST # 204 promenade shores 3/2 1385 38 $199,900 $190,000 $137
5630 NW 114 PA # 213 Las Brisas 3/2.5 1370 22 $199,950 $205,000 $150
10800 NW 82 TE # 6-6 LEEWARD AT DORAL 4/3 1507 27 $209,900 $210,550 $140
8157 NW 108 CT # 8157 ISLANDS AT DORAL 4/2.5 1901 10 $220,000 $167,450 $88
5580 NW 107 AV # 1208 Costa Linda 4/3 1896 61 $229,900 $230,000 $121
11571 NW 76 ST # 11571 DORAL ISLES NORTH 3/2.5 1691 11 $234,900 $240,000 $142
8432 NW 107 CT # 5-35 LEEWARDS 3/2.5 1589 90 $234,900 $220,000 $138
3926 ESTEPONA AV # 7D2 COSTA DEL SOL 2/2.5 1600 188 $235,000 $215,000 $134
8651 NW 112 CT # 0 SANTORINI 4/2.5 1691 211 $240,000 $226,500 $134
10180 NW 52 TE # 10180 DORAL OAK 2/2 1800 22 $240,000 $227,500 $126
8355 NW 108 AV # 1-29 LEEWARD 4/3 1507 20 $244,500 $238,000 $158
8189 NW 116 CT # 0 ISLA MARGARITA 4/3 2455 197 $259,900 $246,000 $100
10750 NW 66 ST # 104 Captiva 3/2 1700 91 $268,500 $265,000 $156
4365 NW 116 AV # 0 SANDCASTLES 3/2.5 1520 40 $274,500 $255,000 $168
3304 TORREMOLINOS AV # D-42 COSTA DEL SOL 3/2.5 1712 6 $274,900 $273,000 $159
7851 NW 107 CT # 0 ANTILLES 4/2.5 1901 31 $289,900 $285,000 $150
8652 NW 112 CT # 0 ISLANDS AT DORAL 3/2.5 1691 46 $290,000 $280,000 $166
5173 NW 114 PL # 0 DORAL LANDINGS 4/2.5 1740 115 $309,000 $265,000 $152
5244 NW 102 CT # 5244 doral greens 3/2.5 1900 23 $315,000 $295,000 $155
9834 NW 43rd Ter # 9834 DORAL CHASE 3/2 1525 28 $339,000 $339,000 $222
11530 NW 79 LN # 11530 The Netherlands 3/2.5 2157 20 $342,000 $332,000 $154
10710 NW 66 ST # 508 Doral Isles 3/2.5 2500 26 $350,000 $325,000 $130
4858 NW 108 # PSGE COSTA BRAVA 3/2.5 1620 265 $354,995 $330,000 $204
8148 NW 115 CT # 0 ISLA MARGARITA 3/2.5 2027 219 $359,990 $358,990 $177
5739 NW 101 CT PATIO HOMES 3/2 1386 39 $225,000 $225,000 $162
8380 NW 114 PA ISLANDS AT DORAL 3/2.5 2121 176 $255,000 $265,000 $125
10859 NW 85 ST ISLANDS AT DORAL 3/2 2155 162 $255,000 $255,000 $118
10860 NW 51 LN Piazza Vecchia 3/2 2284 190 $270,000 $260,000 $114
11215 NW 53 LN DORAL LANDINGS EAST 3/2 1728 18 $289,000 $280,000 $162
11011 NW 48 TE SAVANNAH AT DORAL 3/3 1550 56 $295,000 $280,000 $181
6763 NW 109 AV DORAL ISLES CARIBBEAN 2/2 1136 67 $370,000 $340,000 $299
11330 NW 82 TE ISLANDS AT DORAL 5/4 3629 20 $380,000 $410,000 $113
4647 NW 111 CT DORAL MEADOWS 3/2 1906 34 $395,900 $365,000 $192
8721 NW 110 AV Madeira II 4/3 2097 91 $410,000 $385,000 $184
10980 NW 44 TE DORAL MEADOWS 4/3 2459 6 $410,000 $410,000 $167
10608 NW 52 TE DORAL SANDS 3/2 2065 95 $449,000 $400,000 $194
6723 NW 107 PL DORAL ISLES ST TROPEZ 4/3 2441 83 $450,000 $442,500 $181
10965 NW 58 TE DORAL ISLES ANTILLES 4/2.5 2656 8 $484,900 $545,000 $205
11348 NW 47 LN BIARRITZ SUB PHASE 2 3/2.5 2312 148 $485,000 $440,000 $190
5834 NW 113 PL DORAL ISLES CAYMAN 5/3 2581 26 $499,000 $400,000 $155
4675 NW 103 CT DORAL DUNES 4/2.5 2930 184 $549,000 $540,000 $184
5530 NW 104 CT DORAL PALMS ESTATES 3/2.5 2624 59 $555,000 $500,000 $191
4370 NW 93 CT DORAL ESTATES VILLAS 3/2 2553 7 $725,000 $675,000 $264
11383 NW 65 ST DORAL ISLES RIVIERA 5/3 3506 271 $799,000 $750,000 $214
11167 NW 72 TE DORAL ISLES CATALINA 5/3 3197 94 $998,000 $900,000 $282

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Doral Isles Venetia – Luxury Living at Its Best

People are attracted to Doral because of the high quality of life, stable job market, and easy access to the Miami area. Doral is the fastest growing community in the Miami/Dade area. This is with good reason. The schools are among the highest rated in the state, unemployment is below state and national levels, and the choice of luxury properties is plentiful. Doral Isles Venetia is one of the most luxurious addresses in the Doral area. Homes in this section of Doral Isles typically list for over $1 million. 

doral isles venetia homes

Located on 110th Avenue and close to the Florida Turnpike, Doral Isles is one of the biggest developments in the city. It is also conveniently located near the Palmetto and Dolphin Expressways. Miami is just minutes away making Doral Isles an easy commute. Each one of its 13 neighborhoods is located on its very own isle, and since it is a gated community with 24 hour attendants, Doral Isles is considered one of the safest places in Doral. Doral Isles offers residents access to soccer fields, parks, green areas, a clubhouse, and five interconnected lakes. 

An example of one of the more recent listing in Doral Isles Venetia is a 5 bedroom, 4 bath 3.477 square foot home located on NW 111th Avenue. This home comes fully equipped with an electric range and oven, disposal, dishwasher, microwave, fridge, washer and dryer, and built in oven.  The kitchen also has designer granite counter tops and real wood cabinets. It is outfitted with hurricane shutters for the homeowner’s protection. This lovely home features top of the line appliances and finishings. It has a boat dock, pool, 3 car garage and is located right on the lake. This home is listed for $1.3 million.

doral isles lake

Another example of a luxury listing in Doral Isles Venetia is a beautifully remodeled 6 bedroom, 5 ½ bath 3,826 square foot luxury home. It is the Angelico model and was listed for $1.9 million. It is located on NW 71st Street and is a concrete block home with a tile roof which means it will stand up to the sometimes wild Florida weather. The first level has 2 bedrooms (including the master suite) and 2 ½ baths with a steam shower in the master suite. The family room and dining room are also located on the first floor. The second floor offers residents 4 bedrooms and 3 baths. The home has hardwood and marble floors throughout.

doral isles venetia

One of the best things about luxury homes in Doral Isle Venetia is the spectacular views of the lake. Many of the homes on this isle have a spacious deck for you to enjoy the natural Florida beauty of the area. Located in central Doral, Doral Isles Venetia is one of the most sought after addresses for homeowners who want to enjoy luxury living in Doral

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Doral Bikeway Project

Doral has always had a concern for the health and wellbeing of its residents and visitors. Because of this the city council adopted the Doral Bikeway Project in January of 2007. This plan is to improve the recreation options of the City through the construction of a connected network of trails. These trails will not only be for recreation, but can be used to get around the City. The Doral Bikeway Project is slated to be completed in a 10 year timeframe. 

As of September 2010, 2.5 miles of the 13 planned miles had been completed. It is projected that the project will meet its 10 year goal and will be complete in 2017. The City commissioned Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. for the project at an estimated cost of $2.6 million. The Department of Public Works Director encourages for their safety that everyone uses the trails between sunrise and sunset.

It is hoped the new bike trails will provide a safe and enjoyable way for residents and visitors to enjoy the outdoors and promote fitness in the City. At the start of the project no bike lanes were available on the City streets. With the addition of the Doral Bikeway Project the City Council hopes to provide residents and visitors a safe alternative. 

As of the latest census, there were almost 30,000 residents and 100,000 people employed in Doral. The City hopes the new bike trails will be a way of getting more people outdoors and offering residents, employees working in the City, and visitors more incentive to stay and enjoy life in Doral. The League of American Bicyclists’ national Bicycle Friendly Communities (BFC) model was used in planning the new bikeway. It includes the “Four E’s”; Education, Encouragement, Engineering, and Enforcement. The Bikeway Plan includes outreach programs aimed at developing a complete community bicycling program by having a Safe Routes to School program and using the Bikeway to promote the Get Fit Doral program.

The trails will be open to pedestrians, bikers, and people using rollerblades. These shared use trails will be away from motor traffic and will give users access to parks, work, shopping centers, and give them a chance to easily visit neighbors. Part of the new bikeway trails will be on-road. These will include bike lanes, unmarked bike lanes, wide curb lanes, and padded shoulders. These paths can be used to travel parts of the City not included in the shared use trails. Benches, trailheads, trash receptacles, shelters, and interpretive signs will be included in the trail infrastructure to enhance the recreational opportunities. 

Once it is completed the Doral Bikeway Project will be yet another reason why residents and visitors enjoy life in Doral. The City of Doral is committed to maintaining and developing a high standard of living in Doral. The new bikeway trails are just another example of this commitment.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Doral Tax Rate Slated to Stay the Same for the 2012-2013 Fiscal Year

According to the Miami Herald, Doral residents can expect their taxes to stay the same for the 2012-2013 fiscal year. Doral’s council voted recently to keep the tax rate from being raised before October, while it can be lowered, and in a 3-2 vote the proposed tax rate of $2.45 for every $1,000 of assessed taxable value was adopted. This rate is the same rate as the current fiscal year. This is good news for the residents of Doral who enjoy living in one of top rated communities by Forbes Magazine, and is the fastest growing community in the Miami/Dade area. The average Doral home is assessed at approximately $170,760 making the city taxes only $294. Since its incorporation in 2003, Doral has not raised local property taxes. 

Doral property values are experiencing an increase of 1.97 percent according to the Miami/Dade County Appraiser’s office. This means homeowners may see a slight increase in taxes due to this increase in value. Councilwoman Ana Maria Rodriguez opposed a tax increase, while Mayor Juan Carlos Bermudez said in a phone interview with the Herald that he feels is it time to lower taxes. Councilman Pete Cabrera disagrees with the Mayor and feels now is not the time for Doral to lower taxes. He stated in a phone interview with the Herald that Doral is such a new city and needs to build up its infrastructure that a tax decrease would not be a wise move for the health of Doral. 

Councilman Michael DiPetro voted to maintain the current rate, and said he would formulate his final opinion after he reviewed the city’s budget for the current and coming fiscal year. A budget workshop was held on August 20th and two public hearings are scheduled for this month. The first was held over a two day period from September 5th and 6th. The final public hearing is slated for September 26th at 5 p.m. It is to be held at the council chambers at 8401 NW 53rd Terrace. The budget for next year will include an increase of $12.1 million for the Parks and Recreation Department. Since its incorporation in 2003, Doral started with no parks and now has six parks for residents and visitors to enjoy. 

Plans for the installation of new cameras on the Trails & Tails Park, a dog friendly trail which is very popular with residents, are included in the increased budget. The purchase of a 1.2 acre triangle shaped plot will expand Downtown Doral Park. Another proposed improvement for the city is the creation of a nearly 20 acre park between NW 80th Street and NW 82nd Avenue. This park is projected to cost the city approximately $20 million. Doral takes pride in the beauty of the city, the high quality of life, and an affordable living expense. With all of these things going for this young community, it is no wonder it is the fastest growing city in the Miami area. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Vintage Estates Doral – New Single Family Home Development in Doral

A new development is coming to Doral. Vintage Estates Doral will be located between NW 70th Street and 107th Avenue. This 110 luxury single home, 28 acre development will be located in front of Doral Isles. Homes will start in the $500,000 and feature three styles of designs. Homeowners will have their choice of Tuscan, Georgetown, or Coastal style. The Tuscan design is a warm and inviting style reminiscent of Italian hillside homes. Georgetown style homes will feature darker colors and be styled after historic mansions in the North. The Coastal style will be designed after beach homes with metal roofing. All of the homes will be between 2,800 and 3,700 square feet, and two stories.

Each style will have its own two-door garage, full size dining room, designer kitchen, and spacious living quarters. The upper level will feature a master bedroom with a lake view balcony. Large backyards, big enough for a pool, will be included in all home designs. Designer touches make these luxury homes a pleasure to come home to with 24 by 24 porcelain tiles in the bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room, and foyer. A full size washer and dryer, along with pre-wired telephone, video and data connections, and a pre-programmed thermostat make the homes state of the art. The authentic Italian cabinetry and glass or quartz countertops add to the designer feel of the homes. 

Not only will the homes be luxurious, but the entire community will be upscale. Residents can feel secure with in the gated community with a 24 hour manned gatehouse. A private clubhouse with a lake view will have a full adult fitness center with a children’s playroom, a library, kitchenette, business center, sun deck, BBQ area, and pool for entertaining. A green park with bike trails will offer residents a chance to enjoy the Florida weather all year around. Located in the heart of Doral, Vintage Estates is close to the Miami metro area and an easy commute. 

Doral is the fastest growing community in the Miami/Dade area, and was recently rated number 2 in the Forbes Magazine Best Places to Live list. A low unemployment rate, highly rated schools, and safe neighborhoods makes Doral the perfect place to raise a family or enjoy retirement. Since its incorporation in 2003 city tax rates have not been raised, and according to the latest City Council news the tax rate should stay the same for the next fiscal year. Vintage Estates in Doral will soon join the ranks of luxury communities which make Doral a unique place to live. Situated near the Miami area, Doral is one of the rare communities in which the beauty of the city matches the high quality of living. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

St. Moritz at Islands at Doral - the Newest Lennar Development in Doral

Doral has many fine places to call home. One of the newest offerings in the Doral real estate market is St. Moritz at the Islands at Doral. Located between 197th avenue and the Turnpike, this is the newest Lennar development in Doral. A direct access ramp off the Turnpike is under construction at 74th street which will make St. Moritz an easy commute to and from the Miami area. All of the homes include the amenities of the Islands of Doral which include tropical green areas, beautiful blue lakes, a private clubhouse, a fitness center, swimming pool with children’s pool, tennis and basketball courts, and playground for the kids. The private clubhouse also has an entertainment area for residents to use which includes a kitchen, a meeting center, and a spa. Residents also have access to the area’s many professional grade golf courses and resorts. 

st moritz doral

Residents of St. Moritz have their choice of seven floor plan including one and two story homes. This is one of the largest choices offered in the Doral real estate market. Homes range from 1,088 to 1,500 square feet. All of the homes feature designer touches such as ceramic tile in the foyer, kitchen, laundry, and breakfast rooms, and carpeting in a choice of colors. The family room and bedrooms are all pre-wired for cable TV as well as the kitchen, family room, and all bedrooms are pre-wired for telephone service. The family room and bedrooms are also pre-wired for ceiling fans to keep cool in the hot Florida summer. Extra touches such as marble windowsills, smoke detectors, a quick recovery electric water heater, and digitally controlled high efficiency central heat and air make these homes state of the art. 

st moritz pool

No detail has been left out in the kitchen and bathrooms. The kitchens of all the homes in St. Moritz feature brushed nickel hardware and natural wood cabinets. Low maintenance and beautiful mica countertops come in a choice of designer colors. A garbage disposal, GE appliances which include a 22 cubic foot refrigerator with water and ice dispenser, built in microwave, self-cleaning electric oven and range, and a built in dishwasher are included in all of the homes. Bathrooms are outfitted in luxury, too. Natural wood cabinets with marble countertops and brushed nickel hardware and ceramic tile are included in the bathrooms of all models. In the master bath homeowners can enjoy double vanity sinks, a clear shower enclosure, and theatre style lighting over the vanities. 

st moritz kitchen

All of this luxury and style come at a modest price. Homes list from the mid to high $200,000’s making St. Moritz not only a great place to live, but one of the best deals in the Doral real estate market. Not only will residents enjoy a brand new home, but all of amenities of living at the Islands of Doral, and being part of one of the fastest growing and most stable communities in South Florida. 

There are also units for rent at St. Moritz at Doral starting from $1,600/month.

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