Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Celebrities in Miami

We all dream of living like a star: a mansion with a private pool, in an exclusive neighborhood, and with the fanciest services. Miami is one of those places where celebrities come to make their dreams come true. Not only does Miami offer the most amazing weather, but also huge houses, an eclectic lifestyle, and a great cultural variety. Few other cities in the United States meet all of these requirements. This is why Miami is not only attractive for immigrants and second-home buyers, but also for celebrities. Miami is home to lots of musicians, athletes, actors, and politicians. 
            Here’s a list of celebrities that are currently living in Miami and who you might see on an ordinary day.
·         Barry Gibb: The last musician alive of the Bee Gees.
·         Alonzo Mourning: one of Miami Heat’s biggest stars.
·         Pharrell Williams: the musician, record producer, and former judge of the reality show The Voice.
·         Floyd Mayweather: one of the greatest boxers of all times and the richest one, too.
·         Matt Damon: one of the most famous Hollywood celebrities in Miami. After all, he did survive when left alone on Mars!
·         Gloria Estefan: the Cuban great star of Miami Sound Machine. Miami fits her cultural expectations perfectly!
·         Shakira: she needs no introduction, just one more Latin American who’s looking to feel just like home in Miami’s cultural mix.
·         Sofia Vergara: the Colombian actress who found part of her fame in one of the most successful comedy shows of all times: Modern Family.
·         Adriana Lima: though this supermodel is one of the most successful ones in the industry, she’s known for her modest lifestyle.
·         LeBron James: the great NBA star has chosen Miami as his home city.

These are only a few celebrities living in Miami. Just like them, you can also enjoy the exclusivity, privacy, and comfort that this South Floridian city has to offer. Dream big, live bigger! America Riches can help you get that lifestyle you’ve always desired. Just contact us and let’s start looking for the mansion of your dreams!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Top 10 Things to Do in Doral, Florida

South Florida is one of those places that have options for any kind of person. Either if you enjoy a calm dinner, a family day, or a night club, you’ll find them all here! But, if you’re looking to stay close, and you’re not feeling like driving, then each city has its own offer. For those who live in Doral –or are planning to live here, here’s a list of top 10 things to do in this wonderful city!

1)     Blue Monster: Doral is known as the city of golf, and this is the most popular course in here. It offers 7,590 yards for you to relax!
2)     Miami International Mall: if you love to go shopping, then you’ll find everything you need in here. From fashion, to home goods and décor, this mall has a great variety to offer.
3)     The Shops at Downtown Doral: you can visit this 20-acre location, where you’ll find a great variety in retail and, best of all: food! This is a very fancy site to get a high-quality gastronomic experience and where you’ll find renowned fashion stores.
4)      Pritikin Longevity Center and Spa: since 1975, this amazing spa has given its clients an amazing relaxing experience through nutrition and fitness programs, which focus on exercising daily for a healthier lifestyle.
5)      Dragonfly Izakaya and Fish Market: if you’re looking for an exquisite gastronomic experience, here you’ll find the best local Japanese restaurant. You’ll have the opportunity to taste both traditional Japanese food and Asian-American fusion cuisine, such as pancakes with seafood toppings.
6)      Los Parrilleros: when it comes to steakhouses, we all know Argentinians are the best, that’s why Los Parrilleros have been pleasing their clients for over 15 years. Perfectly cooked ribs, churrascos, sausages, and so much more!
7)     Il Forno Ristorante: if you’re craving for a classic Italian menu, then this is the right place to visit. From porcini mushroom pasta, to veal ossobuco alla Milanesa, everything will make your mouth water.
8)      La esquina del Lechón: this is one of Miami’s most precious places. Here you’ll find a great variety of exquisite Latin food. If your body says “chicharron”, then please it at La esquina del Lechón!
9)      Wxyz Bar and Lounge: for nightlife lovers, this is a great place to get a drink and good music. Best thing is, it’s not usually overcrowded, so you’ll feel comfortable!

10)   Doral Billiards and Sports Lounge: here you’ll definitely have a different night. Pool and drinks are always an awesome choice!

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Monday, February 13, 2017

New Meetings and Events Places in South Florida

South Florida has always been a mecca for private events, conferences, and meetings. Being such an international environment makes it the perfect spot for business. It’s a fact that the area needs to be provided with new places to meet, and that’s where these new spots came from.

If you’re looking for a place to have a high-class private event and need a very big space, then Miami Beach Convention Center’s renovation will fit your needs. You will now enjoy a 1.4 million square feet venue and a 60,000 square feet ballroom, plus a lawn area across the street.

The Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science will also make a space available for private events. It’s not only a very big location, but it’s also environment-friendly: it has LEED certification.

If you’re looking to entertain about 120 guests, then a dining area such as W Fort Lauderdale’s can be your answer. This renovation includes a new ballroom and a semiprivate restaurant, where you can take your guests, plus 430 guest rooms.

Le Méridien Dania Beach at Fort Lauderdale Airport is another great option when planning a meeting or a conference. With its fully renovated facilities, now you’ll have 245 guest rooms available, a meeting place of about 55,000 square feet (including ballrooms), and two new restaurants.

Hosting an event in Miami in 2017 will come with a lot of options, you just have to find the place that best fits your needs!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Publix Has Arrived to Doral!

One of the greatest supermarkets in the United States has finally made it to Doral. Very soon, all Doral citizens and visitors will be able to make their grocery shopping in a place that will offer quality jobs and a flawless service, and which is also compromising with the environment.

Publix is going to be located in Downtown Doral, and the project has already started. You can already see dirt being moved and construction machines and material all over the place, meaning that sooner than later, all of Doral will be able to enjoy the opening Publix.

This new Publix will offer a great variety of natural and organic products, and also a fresh food section. It is a pro-environmental project, since the store will function with LED illumination and latest generation air conditioning and refrigerators. All to save the environment!

Kim Reynolds, Publix’s community relations and media manager, stated: “We are excited to serve our customers in Downtown Doral and continue providing premier service, quality products and value, which our customers have come to expect from us”.

The store will be located at NW 53rd Terrace. So, you can’t miss it once it has opened its door to Doral!

Monday, December 19, 2016

An enviable Health Care System, one more reason to move to Doral!

Everyone who has visited Miami and its surroundings has seen a Jackson Health related institution. There are over 30 of them distributed across the whole Miami Dade County, and even after almost 100 years since the first Hospital opened its doors, they are still growing and now plan on opening a new Urgent Care Center in Doral.

The city of Doral has a 60-year history of growth, entrepreneurship and endeavor, and it’s funny to think it all started with a golf course and a hotel. Now it has become the best place in Florida to invest in Real Estate, it welcomes thousands of visitors every year and it has a vast multicultural community.

Being one of the cities with the highest growth rate in the U.S., the health care system cannot be left behind, and at Jackson Healthcare headquarters they know this. This is why for this 2017 they are investing the initial sum of $2.9 million in a new Urgent Care Center located in a leased storefront at 7400 NW 104th Ave. in the Doral Commons shopping center, co-branded with Jackson’s medical partner, the University of Miami Health System. They’ve also announced a plan to build a medical campus also in Doral on 27-acres parcel located at 7800 NW 29th St. with an estimated cost of $253 million.

With amazing facts like the low unemployment rate (down to 3.7%) and over ten Colleges, Universities and Technical Schools, 10 artistic-expression schools and multiple public, charter and private (grade “A” status) schools, we can actually say Doral has it all, but you’ll still need to experience the welcoming atmosphere, the beautiful green spaces, the many activities available, and of course the warm people (from everywhere around the world) to really understand what a globalized city feels like.


Monday, November 28, 2016

New Constructions on Doral Boulevard

Since 2008, the Miami-Dade Metropolitan Planning Office has been noticing how the traffic on Doral Boulevard (Northwest 41st Street) has been increasing and causing significant bumper-to-bumper traffic. This is why the Doral City Council is now eager to solve the traffic problems caused by box trucks at one of Doral’s main intersection. For 2017, they have approved several construction projects to provide their citizens with a nicer city to drive in.

One of these projects is building a flyover ramp from Northwest 117th Avenue to the northbound side of the Florida Turnpike. The project will be held by Florida Turnpike Enterprise. This will give heavy trucks direct access to the Turnpike.

Moreover, the council has also agreed on building a pedestrian bridge above Northwest 41st Street. This is in an attempt to connect both halves of Turnpike Trail: north and south. Also, on 117th Avenue, a slip ramp for local traffic will be constructed.

The projects have a total cost of $15.6 million. However, they agreed on Florida Turnpike paying 12.4 million, while Doral will only pay $3.2. Mayor Luigi Boria said: “A $3 million investment that brings more than $12 million in infrastructure and traffic relief? That’s a good deal.”

According to Joan Shen, the city’s transportation adviser, Doral Boulevard will benefit a lot from this project, since it will provide people direct access to the Turnpike, will eliminate trucks from Doral’s three main avenues (which are the main reason why traffics flow slows down), and will definitely lower the traffic.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

CityPlace Doral

CityPlace Doral is an incredible mixed-use project that Suffolk Construction and Related Groups and Shoma Homes have been developing. CityPlace is projected for people to live, eat, shop, work, play without having to go far, just everything  in one place. The first good news is: its first phase was recently inaugurated!

This part of the project features luxury condos, apartments, single family homes, and about 250,000 square feet of retail space. It’s also the only place with a Fresh Market in Doral. CityPlace is distributed into two eight-story residences buildings facing each other and a “boutique boulevard” on street level, which features fashion-forward shops.

As for its retail tenants, CityPlace Doral features more than 30 bars and restaurants, a CinéBistro Cobb Theater with full-service dining during movies, a Kings’ 10-pin bowling, Pie Bar, Salsa Fiesta, Mixtura, Angelo, Tommy Bahama-Island, Cooper’s Hawk, Burger & Beer Joint, Sushi Siam, and Cabo Flats. CityPlace Doral is oriented not only towards a great and high life quality, but also an entertaining one.

One of the greatest things about CityPlace Doral is its location, which is at walking distance from Oasis Park Square and CityPlace Dora’s The Manor. Basically, this first phase has it all for its residents.

Phase I will be complemented by Phase II, which is also a combination of retail and residential development. It will include 300,000 square feet of retail development, 280,000 square feet of           Class A office space, and 303 apartment rental units. Its retail development will include entertainment, restaurants, spa, fitness, and retail space.

The second good news is: Phase II is on schedule for completion by the end of 2016!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Doral Legacy Park

Doral is recently developing a brand new sports complex, which will have 18 acres of sport fields. Doral Legacy Park is a very promising project to be built in the city. This $23 million structure’s inauguration is planned for next September. It is located between 114th Avenue and 82nd Northwest Street and will benefit its constant-growing population.

The Doral Legacy Park features two main areas: a 35 thousand sqft community complex and another one with different outdoor sports fields. Both areas will be linked by a pedestrian bridge crossing 114 Avenue. Among the outdoor fields you’ll find: baseball, tennis, sand volleyball, football, soccer, and children’s play areas.

This is the seventh sports project in Doral, there are also: Doral Central Park, Morgan Levy, Doral Meadow, Downtown Doral, Trails and Tails, and the veteran park. This will not be the last one to be built for Doral’s citizens. A new sports project will start to be built in October. This one is called Doral Glades and it will have 22 acres and its main trait will be the local and abundant sowing of local vegetation. Doral Glade will be located between 97th Avenue and 76th Northwest Street.

Doral is a city that cares about the well-being of its inhabitants every day. Having this great variety of open areas where to exercise, gives Doral’s citizens a healthy and entertained lifestyle. It doesn’t matter what street or avenue you live at, you’ll have a park or an open area where to have your daily exercise routine. Well done, Doral!

Monday, August 15, 2016

New Residences at Doral!

Doral is one of those young cities that have shown a tremendous growth in a very short time. In only 10 years, the city of Doral has developed great residential projects, which if they were to be built today, more than 81,000 people would be calling Doral their home. This is a huge number if compared to the 26,000 people who lived in Doral 11 years ago.

Right now, Doral is one of the best cities to live in. The housing demand is growing faster than anybody could have ever imagined. But not only the city’s population is growing daily, but also the city’s leaders have done a great job expanding it. More than 10 miles of roads have been developed, a dozen of bike trails and linear pathways have been created, and the police department has grown from 15 employees to 92 full-time officers. These are only the developed projects, there are so many more to come: transportation plans, downtown density, bikeways, parks, street trees, Doral Boulevard, and Doral Design District.

Currently, 1,500 residences are being built and another 12,000 have been already approved and are waiting to be built. Also, about 2 million square feet have been approved for the construction of new offices and about another 500,000 square feet as new retail space. This shows the increasing housing demand. People are more and more eager to live in such a comfortable, calm, intimate, luxurious, and modern city.

We are looking forward for these new housing projects, which seem to have a lot to offer to new buyers and investors!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The White Course and Downtown Doral South

On this real estate cycle, the Doral submarket has shown to be very dynamic. Every day the housing demand increases in Doral. This area in Florida is now undergoing transformation with new constructions. Some of these constructions in Doral are Shoma and the Related Group mixed-use project, CityPlace Doral, and Sergio Pino’s mixed-use development, Midtown Doral. But one of the most recently announced ones is Downtown Doral South, which recently acquired and incorporated the White Course spaces to expand their project.

Lennar Homes and CC Homes acquired the former golf course in Doral, the White Course, for $96 million. The White Course, located in the northeast quadrant of Northwest 41st Street and Northwest 87th Avenue, will be used in the development of Downtown Doral South. Its 130 acres will be used for the expansion of this project, which will feature 2,209 residential units, 150,000 square feet of office space, 30,000 square feet of retail, seven acres for civic and school use, and 17.6 acres for an amphitheater and public recreation areas. The plan will not give developers the ability to transfer density and uses between the White Course and the original Downtown Doral.

As for the White Course itself, it will be mainly for residential purposes. It will feature single-family homes and multi-family buildings, a charter school for grades 6 through 12, assisted and independent living facilities, and a medical building. The White Course will have about 390 single-family houses and 90 townhouses. All of them will be connected by a linear greenway and a paseo for the new public spaces and amphitheater.

Now, we just have to wait for this amazing project, now expanded, to take shape. The development of this project must begin within 10 years, according to the CBRE offering. The agreement is in place for 20 years and was part of a court settlement between the former owner and the city. Also, the intention of the project is to develop the White Course respectfully and complementarily to Downtown Doral, which is what Doral’s residents want.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Bocas Grill Restaurant

Reina Pepiá - Bocas Grill
Miami is a city that has opened its doors to Latinos. This is why Bocas Grill is a landmark when talking about food. This restaurant is the perfect way of telling Latinos “Welcome Home”. Bocas Grill offers the best fusion of Latino contemporary food. They have managed to perfectly reproduce the flavors and textures from back home. This was its founders way to transform homesickness into an amazing project you can’t miss.

Their message to the world, “In Arepa We Trust”, has united Latinos in Miami and has somehow given them a sense of identity. But furthermore, their product has been the perfect way to introduce Latino gastronomy to Americans. They give you the option of creating your own breakfast or choosing a stuffed “arepa” with scrambled eggs, white or yellow cheese, shredded beef, or you can ask for the famous “Reina Pepiá”, which is a mix of chicken salad and avocado.

Chicha - Bocas Grill
Bocas Grill offers a great variety of typical Latino dishes and beverages. One of the most famous beverages among costumers is the “chicha”; a handmade cold drink made out of rice, milk, cinnamon, and condensed milk. Among the most requested meals, they have the wok sautéed beef or chicken, the “Pabellón criollo” (shredded beef, black beans, ripe plantains, and white rice), “Arroz chaufa” (Peruvian Cantonese rice), and Wok Style Noodles. Of course, you can’t miss their amazing “tostones”, which are basically fried plantain slices with sautéed chicken, beef, or shrimps.

If you are either an American looking for a Latino experience, or a Latino wanting to remember the flavors of home, this is the perfect place to spend your breakfast or lunch time. You are guaranteed to have a complete Venezuelan and Peruvian experience.

Wok sautéed beef - Bocas Grill

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Investment at Modern Doral

Modern Doral is an area with lots of benefits. It is at a 10-minute drive away from the International Airport of Miami, it has the most remarkable schools in the area, and it’s very close to restaurants and malls. At Modern Doral you can easily find anything you need and want. This area is usually known for being comfortable and modern at the same time.

This property is located at 9730 NW 74 TE, very near the American Kestrel Lake. It is a perfect house for a big family; it has 4 bedrooms upstairs and 1 full master bedroom (with its private bath) on the ground floor. Sharing bathrooms will no longer be a problem; this house features 5 full bathrooms. It has a porcelanato floor on the ground floor and laminated wood on the second floor. The kitchen is made out of top-of-the-line appliances and the entire house has exquisite finishes. You will feel the luxury when living in this property.

When thinking about investing on a property, one should take into consideration the location and the house layout. This property has it all! It is in a very centric zone and is the perfect combination between comfort, elegance, and coziness. You can acquire this 3147 square feet property for the price of $895,000 –or $4,800 per month. This is the perfect opportunity to live at Modern Doral!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Mansions at Doral

Take a standard model home and mold it to fit your needs and style. This is the only community where you can choose from over 100 customization options and 35 floor plans for a home that is uniquely yours. Architects and designers will help you shape your idea into your dream mansion.

Each Mansion is personalized to its owner’s vision and taste: with optional expansions such as a rooftop terrace, a detached guest suite, double-height ceilings, or an additional bedroom. Optional amenities too, including a sun deck with pool and summer kitchen, a cabana powder room, an indoor elevator, or you can complete your rooftop terrace with a spa, powder room, and summer kitchen. The community offers a place to live your vision of true exclusivity.

The Mansions at Doral is located on the highly desirable NW 107th Avenue, within close proximity to major highways, Miami International Airport, top-notch schools and hospitals, the Trump National Doral Golf Course, International and Dolphin Mall, multi-cultural restaurants, fine retailers and boutiques. A stimulating lifestyle is right at your fingertips.

This unique community brings new life to the City of Doral, which is gaining global recognition for its revival, increasingly being known as the choice community in Miami to live, work, and play.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Welcome to Downtown Doral

Enjoy downtown ambiance reinvented in a contemporary vision with panoramic views overlooking the city skyline. In a community of spacious, open concept floor plans complete with dramatic outdoor terraces.

When you walk into the building through the glass doors you will find an impressive two-story tall lobby that combines elegance, comfort and style because it has been designed by world renowned designer, Adriana Hoyos.

Upstairs you can choose from 1-bed, 2-bed, or 3-bed layouts, many with an additional den, ranging in size from 755 to 1,455 square feet. Or, go for the pinnacle of downtown luxury life with 2-bed or 3-bed penthouses, ranging from 1,118 to 1,927 square feet.

The kitchen features European cabinetry, self-closing drawers, concealed hinges, exquisite quartz countertops, high-end stainless steel appliances, electric cook top, self-cleaning range, microwave, multi-cycle dishwasher, ultra-quiet garbage disposal and French door refrigerator. While the bathroom has double sinks in master bath and frameless glass enclosures.

There is also a universe of amenities inside the building. You could dive into a swimming pool with a dramatic zero entry, enjoy the South Florida sun from the surrounding pool deck, go to the gym or to the delightful children’s playroom with the whole family, plan a picnic at the park or dine at one of the neighboring restaurants. It has been envisioned to meet the needs of singles as well as small and large families. At Downtown Doral, luxury living meets convenience because relaxation and enjoyment are right outside your door.

Be part of Downtown Doral.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Pre-construction properties available in Doral

Doral has a lot to offer for residents or visitors alike. Over the last years it has become one of the most attractive cities for real estate market. According to Nerdwallet's “Best Places to Invest in Real Estate in Florida” list, Doral is the first place to look at, due to its relative affordability, low unemployment rate and strong population growth. If you are looking for a new place to live or invest, Doral is the right choice. Here are some pre-construction homes you should consider.

This is an exclusive development of luxury single-family homes that will be an icon in the city of Doral, and Miami, for its beautiful architectural design, inspired by a movement that recalls the style of Miami Modern, a style spread in Miami Beach between the 1950s and 1960s. The project consists of three separate and independent communities, with private security, magnificent clubhouses with pools, gyms, meeting area, library, playground, beautiful gardens, parks and lakes. They can be booked now with $50,000, $70,000 and $100,000, pay 10% when the contract is signed, 5% when planning begins, 5% when construction begins, 10% when the roof is placed and 70% at the end of the purchase. Do not miss this opportunity; be one of the first to book in Modern Doral.

Down Town Doral now launches 5300, as the next step of the success of 5252 Paseo. This is one of the most spectacular, modern and unique new development in Doral and you can be a part of it. This is a mixed use complex with apartment buildings, townhouses, charter schools and retailing. It is located right on 87th Av. and 52th St., across the Donald Trump Resort. Now for pre-construction sales, apartments with magnificent golf views starting at $250k and town houses starting at $440k.


Neovita is the newest pre-construction gated community in Doral. It will be located at 104th Av. and 69th St. It has two separate areas; one with only 142 townhouses between 2,150sqf - 2.350sqf, starting at $400,000, and another one with single-family homes between 3,400sqf - 4,450sqf, starting at $700,000. They can be booked now with $25,000 and $50,000, respectively.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Doral’s Roads

Almost all residents of Miami-Dade County are affected by traffic congestion, and this includes the inhabitants of Doral. Studies carried out by the Florida State Department of Transportation in 2012 and 2013 have shown that Doral has a high volume of vehicular traffic both on main and alternative roads. This is one of the most important issues at the moment for Doral residents. The city has already developed several work plans in order to reduce the problem.

Different traffic relief projects are ongoing at the moment and are expected to alleviate the situation in the upcoming months, such as the connections between 74th St. and 97th Av. and 109th Av. and 41st St.; creating new roadway connections to ease traffic in the city’s major corridors.

The Florida State Department of Transportation has another important project scheduled for 2016 at 87th Av. This will include the extension of the current road from two to four lanes, the construction of a drain system, sidewalks, curbs and ditches, pavement marks, traffic signs and public lighting, as well as a new bridge over Miami’s Canal (from South River Dr. to Okeechobee Rd.)

Another significant project is the one at 58th St., from 97th Av. up to 82th, scheduled to begin by January 2017. At the moment, developers are dealing with a general planning project, which includes the involvement of users and entails major road improvements, including but not limited to the extension of the existing street into a four lane road, with bicycle lanes, sidewalks, curbs and ditches, as well as drain systems, pavement marks, traffic signs and the corresponding public lighting.

Regarding the works at 97 Av., the city also plans to carry out road improvements between 52nd and 58th St. including the expansion to four lanes with their corresponding bicycle lanes, sidewalks, curbs, ditches, drain system, pavement marks and traffic signs. These works will begin by August 2018.

According to major Luigi Boria the city is transitioning to “a new mixed-use urban center, where everyone will have a variety of methods to move. When we say “Doral is on the move,” I want that to mean on foot, on bike, on trolley, or your car.”

Friday, October 30, 2015

Future Parks & Recreation in progress

The City of Doral is well known for its green areas, sunny feel and elegant atmosphere. Between the local shops, financial institutions and amusement this city has been a perfect mix of business advantages and lifestyle appeal. With that perfect mix in hand, the City of Doral is currently working on several recreational projects that will make it even a better place to live. The purpose in mind is to make bigger and greater gathering environments that will concentrate on sports, art and nature

NW 114th Avenue Park – Recreational Center

The construction of this Recreation Center began FY 13-14 and will continue during FY 14-15. The final product will encompass 18+ acres in the section 7 area of Doral and will concentrate on the enjoyment of sports, cultural arts, and nature facilities in a safe environment. Among the amenities you are going to be able find:

Community Center
Football/soccer artificial turf field
Indoor basketball gymnasium and exercise track
Youth/adult softball field
Community/cultural room with seating capacity for 200 people
Tennis courts
Arts and craft room
Full-sized outdoor basketball courts
Aerobics/dance room
Outdoor movie area
Conference room
Children’s playgrounds
Senior room
Walking and running paths
Multi-purpose room

Doral North Park – Nature closer by

This fantastic project is planned to cover 25 acres and will be located in NW 74th Street between 97th Avenue and 107th Avenue. Given the location and the concept of the park it is easy to see that this construction will concentrate on nature. Adding up outdoor activities and green areas to the city. The central part is going to be a beautiful lake where people can fish or kayak. Also, there are going to be tennis courts, a bike lane, a nature center and others. For a better understanding on what has been described the park concept is shown below:

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