Friday, September 28, 2012

Doral Offers Several Extracurricular Activities for School Age Children

Doral is not only a great place to live for adults, but a great place to raise children. Its schools are top notch (some of the highest rates schools in the state), along with the safe neighborhoods, and high standard of living. For these reasons, many families have been drawn to the Doral area. Jobs are plentiful and Doral real estate is very affordable. All of these factors combine to create a stable and thriving community. One of the things that makes Doral a great place for families with school age children is the variety of extracurricular activities available.

Doral Schools Extracurricular Activities

Doral prides itself on the quality of life for its residents, and the high standard is also hold for its children. Many of the schools offer several extracurricular activities for the enrichment of the children’s lives and education. This means Doral school children not only receive an excellent education, but have a well-rounded experience through activities which build their character, develop leadership skills, and nurture their natural talents.

In a recent interview in the Doral Family Journal Ms. Georgina Pratt, founder of Shelton Academy, explains her views on extracurricular activities, “Educating children is not only completing an academic curriculum but preparing them in every way possible to be healthy and ready to succeed on whatever challenge they have to face in life.” Shelton Academy After School Program offers children activities such as karate, music, art, performing arts, sports, gymnastics, and many more programs. These programs are offered to the students of the academy and students in the Doral community.

Dr. Rolando Espinosa K-8 Center has a highly rated extracurricular program. Activities include band, orchestra, chorus, art, theatre, Spanish classes, basketball, cheerleading, martial arts, and yoga. The Divine Savior Lutheran Academy also has an excellent extracurricular program which includes chorus, dance, art, theatre, Spanish and Mandarin lessons, volleyball, basketball, golf, martial arts and many more programs. Doral Charter Academy High School offers its students activities which include soccer, swimming, golf, and honor society. Almost all Doral schools offer extracurricular activities for their students and students in the surrounding area.

Participation in extracurricular activities helps students to become well rounded individuals, discover and nurture their natural talents, as well as give them something fun to do after school. Studies have shown the importance of extracurricular activities in correlation with student grades. Colleges and universities put a high emphasis on extracurricular activities when considering students for admission. Doral’s emphasis on healthy living not only includes the adult population, but also school age children. This is just another reason Doral is one of the fastest growing communities in Southeast Florida. 

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