Saturday, May 7, 2016

Bocas Grill Restaurant

Reina Pepiá - Bocas Grill
Miami is a city that has opened its doors to Latinos. This is why Bocas Grill is a landmark when talking about food. This restaurant is the perfect way of telling Latinos “Welcome Home”. Bocas Grill offers the best fusion of Latino contemporary food. They have managed to perfectly reproduce the flavors and textures from back home. This was its founders way to transform homesickness into an amazing project you can’t miss.

Their message to the world, “In Arepa We Trust”, has united Latinos in Miami and has somehow given them a sense of identity. But furthermore, their product has been the perfect way to introduce Latino gastronomy to Americans. They give you the option of creating your own breakfast or choosing a stuffed “arepa” with scrambled eggs, white or yellow cheese, shredded beef, or you can ask for the famous “Reina Pepiá”, which is a mix of chicken salad and avocado.

Chicha - Bocas Grill
Bocas Grill offers a great variety of typical Latino dishes and beverages. One of the most famous beverages among costumers is the “chicha”; a handmade cold drink made out of rice, milk, cinnamon, and condensed milk. Among the most requested meals, they have the wok sautéed beef or chicken, the “Pabellón criollo” (shredded beef, black beans, ripe plantains, and white rice), “Arroz chaufa” (Peruvian Cantonese rice), and Wok Style Noodles. Of course, you can’t miss their amazing “tostones”, which are basically fried plantain slices with sautéed chicken, beef, or shrimps.

If you are either an American looking for a Latino experience, or a Latino wanting to remember the flavors of home, this is the perfect place to spend your breakfast or lunch time. You are guaranteed to have a complete Venezuelan and Peruvian experience.

Wok sautéed beef - Bocas Grill

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