Monday, November 28, 2016

New Constructions on Doral Boulevard

Since 2008, the Miami-Dade Metropolitan Planning Office has been noticing how the traffic on Doral Boulevard (Northwest 41st Street) has been increasing and causing significant bumper-to-bumper traffic. This is why the Doral City Council is now eager to solve the traffic problems caused by box trucks at one of Doral’s main intersection. For 2017, they have approved several construction projects to provide their citizens with a nicer city to drive in.

One of these projects is building a flyover ramp from Northwest 117th Avenue to the northbound side of the Florida Turnpike. The project will be held by Florida Turnpike Enterprise. This will give heavy trucks direct access to the Turnpike.

Moreover, the council has also agreed on building a pedestrian bridge above Northwest 41st Street. This is in an attempt to connect both halves of Turnpike Trail: north and south. Also, on 117th Avenue, a slip ramp for local traffic will be constructed.

The projects have a total cost of $15.6 million. However, they agreed on Florida Turnpike paying 12.4 million, while Doral will only pay $3.2. Mayor Luigi Boria said: “A $3 million investment that brings more than $12 million in infrastructure and traffic relief? That’s a good deal.”

According to Joan Shen, the city’s transportation adviser, Doral Boulevard will benefit a lot from this project, since it will provide people direct access to the Turnpike, will eliminate trucks from Doral’s three main avenues (which are the main reason why traffics flow slows down), and will definitely lower the traffic.

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