Thursday, May 17, 2018

What should you know about buying a house?

Buying a house is one of the biggest commitments anyone can make in their lifetime. Knowing which decisions to make –and understand the timing when to make them–, how to calculate taxes and more. Doral Riches can offer you the right solution. Just follow this advice.

1.    Find a trusted realtor: Not everyone wants to find a reliable realtor, but don’t close the door to that option. A smart realtor can help you protect your investment while he can help you find the best options based on what you’re looking for.

2.    Educate yourself: Remember that everybody will have an opinion, but at the end of the day, you make the final choice. That’s why you should read and ask experts about important topics: mortgages, taxes, market trends, contracts, and more.

3.    Know your neighbors: Know where you’re moving, what is close to, and even what type of people lives there. If you’re looking to expand your home, it might be important to take into consideration if more children live in the neighborhood, for example.

4.    Accept that renovations will take time: Now that you have a home, the excitement to decorate is huge. But decorations will take time. Take into consideration what needs to be done right away: bathrooms, kitchen, have basic furniture. Those marble pieces can wait for a while!

5.    Hidden costs: This is a topic that should be taken into thought. Buying a house is not limited to the cost of the house itself. It’s important to add maintenance cost, insurance, homeowner association fees, and more.

6.    Think about your future: Is the house you want now the house you’ll want in the next 5 years? Are you planning to get married? Have kids? The life you’re having now might not be the same one you’ll have in 2 years. If you’re still uncertain, then you should keep looking before committing.

7.    Consider renting as a test drive: If you still have any questions, then you could try renting in or near your desired area to test the waters before investing.

At the end of the day, we know that can be overwhelming to read and research about buying a home, but that time, investigation and most importantly money will be rewarded into precious memories. In Doral Riches, we have a team of professionals ready to guide you through the process of choosing and investing in a property. Contact us today!

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