Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Celebrities in Miami

We all dream of living like a star: a mansion with a private pool, in an exclusive neighborhood, and with the fanciest services. Miami is one of those places where celebrities come to make their dreams come true. Not only does Miami offer the most amazing weather, but also huge houses, an eclectic lifestyle, and a great cultural variety. Few other cities in the United States meet all of these requirements. This is why Miami is not only attractive for immigrants and second-home buyers, but also for celebrities. Miami is home to lots of musicians, athletes, actors, and politicians. 
            Here’s a list of celebrities that are currently living in Miami and who you might see on an ordinary day.
·         Barry Gibb: The last musician alive of the Bee Gees.
·         Alonzo Mourning: one of Miami Heat’s biggest stars.
·         Pharrell Williams: the musician, record producer, and former judge of the reality show The Voice.
·         Floyd Mayweather: one of the greatest boxers of all times and the richest one, too.
·         Matt Damon: one of the most famous Hollywood celebrities in Miami. After all, he did survive when left alone on Mars!
·         Gloria Estefan: the Cuban great star of Miami Sound Machine. Miami fits her cultural expectations perfectly!
·         Shakira: she needs no introduction, just one more Latin American who’s looking to feel just like home in Miami’s cultural mix.
·         Sofia Vergara: the Colombian actress who found part of her fame in one of the most successful comedy shows of all times: Modern Family.
·         Adriana Lima: though this supermodel is one of the most successful ones in the industry, she’s known for her modest lifestyle.
·         LeBron James: the great NBA star has chosen Miami as his home city.

These are only a few celebrities living in Miami. Just like them, you can also enjoy the exclusivity, privacy, and comfort that this South Floridian city has to offer. Dream big, live bigger! America Riches can help you get that lifestyle you’ve always desired. Just contact us and let’s start looking for the mansion of your dreams!

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