Monday, May 8, 2017

An Entire New Way of Enjoying the 7th Art

One of America’s all-time dating classic is “Dinner and Movies”, two separate pleasures we’ve all enjoyed on an afternoon or an evening. Recently, someone had the amazing idea of combining these two pleasures together, and the result was a total success; a whole new way of enjoying the 7th art in Doral at CinéBistro.

CinéBistro is located in CityPlace, a modern entertaining center where various businesses show how the economy of this young city keeps growing every day. 

The idea of projecting movies while having a delicious meal and drinking great cocktails now sounds unique and quite modern, but believe us, in no time there will be one in every city, because this is one of the greatest ideas of the decade, and you saw it first in Doral! 

This unique movie theater features the best image and sound quality you could possibly get, comfortable and spacious seats (which you can choose when you buy your tickets), and a small table where you can have some food and place your drink. If you are very hungry and the movie hasn’t started yet, you can eat before and have some drinks. One of the best things about their cocktail selection is that you can order any cocktail that’s not in the menu, but we strongly recommend you to enjoy a Movie Manhattan or a Pineapple Mule. And to delight your palate, we recommend the Lobster Roll Sliders (appetizer) and a NY Strip. And for dessert… Chocolate “Tres Leches”. 

This is an experience where all 5 senses will come out more than satisfied; you definitely need to visit CinéBistro!

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