Thursday, June 8, 2017

There’s Nothing like Getting New Furniture for Your New Home

Getting a new home is really exciting, but all the good feelings really start when you buy the first piece of furniture for your house or condo. New mattress, shiny new kitchen, sitting on the sofa of your dreams in your living room for the first time… It’s all a wonderful experience, but the excitement and enthusiasm shouldn’t blind your judgment when the time to choose what to buy and where to buy it comes.

Something that usually happens to first-timers is that they feel like they need to get everything at once, despite having a limited budget, but the key is to be patient. There are plenty of options both online and in stores to decorate and furnish your new home, but we recommend you to buy a piece or two at a time, and try not to do impulsive shopping and get anything you don’t really need at first.

There are stores like Ikea (which we all know) that seem like the easiest choice, and in some cases, it is. We all have at least that one TV cabinet that we assembled ourselves (and probably remind it to our family every now and then), but it’s not a mystery that this sort of pieces don’t usually last long. Sometimes the smartest choice is to spend the same that you would in Ikea and buy a used pine wood table that will last for a much longer time. State sales, antique shops and even Craigslist are great choices, especially if you have a tight budget. When shopping on craigslist, seek out solid wood (oak, maple, birch, etc), and try not to buy used items that could contain bed bugs (fabrics, beds, mattresses, curtains, etc).
If you are old-school and like to touch and feel your new piece of furniture before you get it, there are some really great places in Miami where you can get beautiful items and save money too:

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